Thursday, April 26, 2012


I spent this entire evening righting a first kiss scene for a book I’m not even close to ready to write.  Unfortunately the scene was swimming around in my head since 7 a.m. and refused to be ignored.  But I’m happy to say it turned out well and now that it’s out of my head I can get back to what I really need to be working on…edits.
Anyway, what I’d really like to know is what are some of your favorite kissing scenes, in books specifically, and why?  I’d also like to know your least favorites, in other words, kisses that happened between characters that made you mad and want to throw the book.  (I tell my daughter we never throw books, but sometimes I’d really like to, instead I keep reading until it gets better.) 

Also, if any of you would like to share an excerpt of a kissing scene you’ve written, feel free to do so.


  1. Ahem... (Guess what I'm thinking) Hint: WHY ISN'T THIS SCENE IN MY INBOX RIGHT NOW? ;)