Sunday, March 11, 2012

Swimsuit Roulette

Yesterday I went gambling (a.k.a. bathing suit shopping).  It's like playing Russian roulette, you spin the rack and hope your hand lands on a winner.  The whole experience made even more interesting by the fact that there are at least twenty to thirty other women standing there doing exactly the same thing as you.  We’re all hoping to find the perfect suit…whether it actually exists I’m not sure.
Before I entered the swimsuit department I thought I would just pick a few different sizes and styles to see what fit and what I might like.  That was my first mistake.  I should have known I was in trouble when half the department store was filled with bathing suites.  I almost turned right around thinking I could probably just wear my old suit with a muumuu over it to hide the fact that it’s way too big on me and starting to fray.

They had everything from itty bitty yellow polka dot bikinis to full coverage, skirted granny suits.  There were purple tops with black bottoms and black tops with pink bottoms.  I saw brown stings that I think were meant to be a suit, but the designer must have forgotten to sew on the rest of the fabric.  As far as styles went, halter tops seemed to be popular this year, there were also regular straps, single shoulder straps and strapless tops.  Bottoms came in skirts, shorts, standard bikini and of course those brown strings with the rest of the fabric missing.  All in all there were probably a thousand different choices.
I decided the best course of action would be to just close my eyes and start grabbing; hoping the luck of the draw would be on my side…it wasn’t.  I started with ten suits which quickly turned to fifteen then twenty.  I made at least four or five separate trips to the changing rooms, dressing and undressing, squeezing into the (insert size here) of one style that fell off me in another and wondering why you would even bother wearing anything with how little some suits covered.

Three (plus) hours later, I’d found two fairly well fitting suits.  I won’t say they’re perfect, but they cover the important stuff, I look decent in them and they’re not granny suits.  I may not have won the swimsuit lottery, but at least I won’t be walking around the beach in a muumuu.

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