Thursday, July 14, 2011

Savior (My 1st Flash Fiction)

The peach trees in the orchard near Eve’s house were almost ready for picking.  The smell of the sweet fruit filled the air as she wandered amongst the trees, ducking under low branches then letting her fingers graze the leaves above her.  The summer air was warm as the sun’s rays peeked through the canopy of branches.

Eve walked a bit further before turning around and heading home.  Something in the distance caught her eye and for a moment she walked toward it.  But the more steps she took the more the air began to cool and the sky began to darken.  She started back for home, moving at a quick pace, but the air remained cold around her and soon it was like night had come hours early.
She began to run, but it felt like the orchard had doubled in size and there was no way she would reach her destination in time.  Then, as if pulling the darkness from the sky, a figure formed in front of her.  It towered in height and began to move towards her.  She screamed and turned to run in a different direction.  The cold air burned in her lungs, but she kept going as the figure gained on her.

It moved so quickly she didn’t dare look back to see how close it was…and then it was on her.  It wrapped its arms around her.  She screamed again and kicked, but there was no way she could break free.  Her feet were no longer touching the ground and all she could see was blackness.
Her body was weak from running, but she continued to struggle, refusing to give up.

Just when she was sure her time had come a flash of light beamed through the darkness stinging her eyes.  She fell from her captor’s arms only to be caught by something else.  The light was too bright to open her eyes and she didn’t feel the need to.
The pain in her lungs began to ease.  Where she had felt cold before, she felt warm now, like being wrapped in the softest blanket she’d ever known.  She wanted to speak, to thank her savior.  But when she could finally open her eyes he was gone and she was standing at her front door.

Her heart began to ache for him as if it knew she’d never see her savior again.

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  1. Nicely done! I loved the orchard imagery. What a fun exercise. Thank you for that little bright spot in my morning :)